From baroque oratorio to contemporary opera

At the beginning of the season 2015/2016 Karol Kozłowski had many festival plans which contained a wide range of repertoire from baroque music to the very contemporary performance of ‘The Magic Mountain’.

First two of the artist’s concerts (one of G. F. Haendel’s ‘Israel in Egypt’) took place in Białystok, Poland. Then in September Karol Kozłowski went to sing J. Ph. Rameau’s ‘Les Indes Galantes’ with Il Giardino d’Amore during the I Festival of Baroque Opera in Warsaw.

From the capital city the tenor moved to Wrocław to perform a special concert on the world famous 50th Wratislavia Cantans Festival, followed by Sacrum Profanum Festival (Kraków) which staged Paweł Mykietyn’s last opera – a great success during this June world premiere with Karol Kozłowski as Settembrini.